South Africa Safari

South Africa boasts a dazzling diversity of national parks and private game reserves for exceptional safari experiences. Our safari offerings in South Africa include private overland safaris accompanied by one of our guides and luxury fly-in safari packages to all the wildlife destinations in the country.

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South Africa Safaris

Top South African Safari Destinations

We highly recommend South Africa as a safari destination. Not only is it home to Southern Africa's most diverse wilderness area - the Kruger National Park - but there are also many alternative safari destinations from which to choose.

The most popular South African safari areas include the Kruger National Park and the private game reserves which form part of it, like the Sabi Sand and the Timbavati. The Eastern Cape also offers exceptional safaris at Addo Elephant National Park and Shamwari Private Game Reserve. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi National Park and Phinda Private Reserve are the primary safari areas in KwaZulu-Natal. The malaria-free regions of northern South Africa, like Madikwe and Welgevonden, have also become increasingly popular safari destinations in recent years.

Safari Packages by Accommodation Level

A wide range of accommodation options exists for people intent on a safari in South Africa. Private overland safaris overnight at basic but comfortable national park camps. On the other end of the spectrum are some of the most luxurious lodges in the world.

Private Overland

Our private overland safaris explore South Africa's numerous national parks in the expert company of an experienced African Sky guide. Accommodations are typically basic but comfortable, offering an affordable alternative for guests with budget constraints. Our most popular overland safaris explore the Kruger National Park, Addo, and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve.


Personal safaris offer fantastic value for money in spectacular wilderness areas, like private concessions within the Kruger National Park and the lesser frequented Greater Kruger game reserves like Balule and Kapama. These safaris are slightly less inclusive - for example, excluded drinks - but three meals daily and special safari activities are the norms.


The Luxury safaris offered by African Sky harmonize the needs between the desire for sumptuousness and the limits of a more moderate budget. These safari lodges lie scattered across South Africa's private game reserves, like Timbavati, Phinda, and Shamwari, as well as Botswana's Chobe National Park and Namibia's Etosha National Park.

Exclusive Top-End

Our exclusive top-end safaris include grand yet intimate safari lodges in the most remote, beguiling settings. Your full board accommodation will consist of all the bells and whistles, from mouth-watering gourmet meals to safari activities like traditional 4x4 game drives and mokoro safaris. Popular destinations include the Sabi Sand, Mala Mala, South Luangwa, and the Okavango Delta.


Have a specific combination of South African safari destinations that you would like to include in your travels? Opt for a tailor-made safari to ensure the package meets your personal needs. When considering your tailor-made safari in South Africa, kindly advise us regarding your ideal duration, preferred budget, and any specific interests that you may have.

Popular Safari Packages in South Africa

Recommended South African Safari itineraries - that have proven popular.

15 Days. From : ZAR 69,270 pp National Park Camps Code: S29

An in-depth exploration of South Africa's major safari areas, including Kruger, Ithala, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi, Addo, and Pilanesberg.

12 Days. From : ZAR 69,270 pp Luxury Code: S10

Relish unforgettable safari experiences in South Africa's Sabi Sand, Zimbabwe's Matetsi wilderness, Botswana's Chobe, and the Okavango Delta.

9 Days From : ZAR 69,270 pp Luxury Code: S13

Enjoy a luxurious, safari adventure that includes three of South Africa's top private game reserves - Sabi Sand, Shamwari, and Phinda.

7 Days From : ZAR 69,270 pp National Park Camps Code: S31

Explore three distinctly different regions of the world-renowned Kruger National Park. A private overland safari accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.

7 Days From : ZAR 69,270 pp Luxury Code: S15

This safari package combines two top destinations in Southern Africa - the Kruger National Park and mighty Victoria Falls.

4 Days From : ZAR 69,270 pp Personal Code: S26

A short safari excursion that departs from and returns to Cape Town. It offers a glimpse of safari in an area of the country not traditionally known for its wildlife experiences.

Why Choose South Africa for your safari


Diversity of wilderness areas

From the authentically wild two million hectares of the Greater Kruger National Park to Phinda Private Game Reserve's seven unique semi-coastal eco-systems and the red sands of the Kalahari Desert, South Africa's diversity of wilderness areas is incomparable. You can return for a novel, unique safari experience again and again.


Best Value for Money

Of all the Southern African countries we offer safaris to, South Africa offers the best value for money. Although this is partially due to the weakness of the South African Rand and favorable exchange rates for foreign visitors, meals, accommodation, and transport tend towards the more affordable end of the scale in terms of overall international travel.


Great infrastructure

South Africa's well-developed infrastructure makes reaching far-flung safari destinations much quicker and easier than in any other African country. Commercial flights are almost always an option, as are overland transfers. This fact invariably reduces the cost of your safari. It does not mean a South African safari is an over-commercialized experience devoid of genuine wilderness encounters.

Experiences to Savor on Safari in South Africa

Encountering the Big Five

Meeting one of Africa's legendary Big 5 on safari in the wilderness is always exciting. Following a lion pride on the hunt, admiring the grace of the leopard as it effortlessly ascends a tree, are being awe-struck by the size of an Elephant viewed up close are a few examples of the adventures that await on safari.

Relishing an African sunset

There's a solid reason that African sunsets are the stuff of legend. Regardless of which wilderness area you enjoy your safari in, with no pollution interfering with the natural artistry of the skies, the vision will take your breath away. Sip on a cocktail while observing an effervescent blend of pink, gold, and auburn.

The ever-present call of the wild

Any wilderness on the continent bears its wild orchestra, providing a hypnotic soundtrack to your safari activities. From the heart-stoppingly beautiful cry of the fish eagle and the haunting hoots of owls to the spine-tingling reverberation of a lion's roar and the eerie laughter of hyenas, the call of the wild will be ever-present.
Kruger Park Safaris

The Kruger National Park is South Africa's largest and most diverse conservation area, protecting 147 different species of mammals.

Luxury Safaris

A luxury safari with African Sky will include everything from your domestic flights and transfers to your delicious meals and exciting safari activities.

Big Five Safaris

The Big Five are the continent's most awe-inspiring mammals, including the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino.

South African Lodges

The South African safari lodges included in our packages range from basic tented camps to opulent lodges fitted with every comfort.


Should I opt for an overland safari or a fly-in safari?
A private overland or fly-in safari depends mainly on your budget. Overland safaris are generally more affordable and offer the opportunity to see more of the country. In contrast, fly-in safaris tend to be the more expensive but save travel time.
Why are overland safaris only available in South Africa and not elsewhere?
South Africa's quality infrastructure, particularly the decent infrastructure inside its national parks, makes it viable for overland safaris. Our guides are also all conveniently based in South Africa.
Where can I go on a safari where malaria isn't a risk?
Madikwe, Welgevonden, Marakele, and Pilanesberg are all malaria-free wilderness areas not far from Johannesburg. In the Eastern Cape, Shamwari and Addo bear no risk of malaria.
What makes the Kruger National Park the best South African safari destination?
The Kruger National Park's size, well-preserved environmental authenticity, and unparalleled diversity make it the premier safari destination in Southern Africa.
Are any water-based safari activities available in South Africa?
Safari cruises are available at the Marataba Private Game Reserve, which forms part of Marakele National Park and Phinda Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal. Canoe safaris are also an option at Phinda.
Are charter flights necessary to reach South Africa's safari areas?
Commercial flights are available within a stone's throw of most of South Africa's safari areas - charter flights would only be used by choice if you are keen on something different.
When is the best time to enjoy a safari in South Africa?
The winter months between May and August are ideal for game viewing, as daytime temperatures are more moderate, and the lack of rain means vegetation becomes sparse, meaning fewer obstructions. Animals also converge around remaining water sources during this time, making them easier to track down. Nevertheless, you can enjoy safaris year-round in South Africa, and even in the summertime, it tends to be less hot and humid than further north in Zambia and Botswana.
Are there family-friendly safari lodges?
Yes - Madikwe and Shamwari both have lodges that aim to ensure that every family member- no matter how old or young- can take full advantage of their South African safari.
Besides traditional 4x4 game drives, are other safari activities available?
Yes - many lodges also offer bush walks for a more intimate exploration of South Africa's wilderness areas. Bush walks are usually subject to weather conditions and the availability of rangers, and certain lodges require pre-booking for the activity.
What is the ideal duration for a South African safari?
The minimum duration for a safari is three nights, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the experience and relax fully. This duration also ensures ample time to encounter a wealth of wildlife. If you are after a longer safari, we recommend alternating between different lodges or locations to keep the experience fresh so that you are not traversing the same area for more than three days.