South Africa Tours

African Sky's private guided tours of South Africa have been providing international visitors with a safe, enjoyable and well-organized way of experiencing all that South Africa and Southern Africa have to offer for almost 20 years.

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Affordable adventures
Privately guided South African tours that enjoy comfortable accommodation in boutique hotels and cozy guest houses.

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Sumptuous spoils
Explore South Africa's highlights while relishing the comfort of plush lodgings.

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The ultimate in opulence
Indulge in a most exclusive expedition on a top-end tour of South Africa.

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Tee off on tour
Combine South Africa's numerous highlights with rewarding rounds of golf.

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The perfect fit
We'll custom create an itinerary suited to your particular travel requirements.

Tours By Destination

Have a particular city or game reserve in mind for your travels? Our tours in South Africa include all of the country's most sought-after destinations. For itineraries that feature your desired points of interest, use the menu below to navigate through our predesigned tours.

Cape Town South Africa's Mother City Tour Cape Town for an unconventional city escape that may include everything from historical and cultural intrigue to rewarding outdoor pursuits.
Cape Winelands Wines & Vines in the country The Western Cape's Boland region is an epicurean Eden. Our South Africa tours that explore the winelands indulge in wine tastings, fine dining and spectacular scenery.
Garden Route Where forest meets ocean When touring this lush stretch of coast, you will find it replete with adventure. From beachside bliss to treetop trekking, the Garden Route is an intoxicating destination.
Kruger Park Home of the Big Five Blend exciting tour elements with a safari in the Kruger National Park for a comprehensive exploration of South Africa's most celebrated highlights.
KwaZulu-Natal Kingdom of the Zulu Natal offers the most unique combination of culture, mountains, balmy beaches and lush wilderness. Couple a Big Five safari with a relaxing seaside getaway.
Sabi Sand Luxury & Leopards The forerunner in lavish safari experiences, the Sabi Sand is vastly popular as a South African tour destination. Affordable four star options are also available.
Timbavati Land of white lions A safari in Timbavati will augment any tour of South Africa and invite a touch of wild adventure. If you're lucky, you may encounter the rare white lion.
Addo Elephant Park Gentle Giants Tour elephant country with African Sky in this malaria-free wilderness - a fine extension to any family tour. Our Addo safaris are frequently combined with South African tours that visit Cape Town.
Help Plan My South African Tour

Personal Service

The African Sky team will make you feel right at home from the moment you step off the airplane. You will be in the welcoming and capable care of a professional guide to ensure that all your needs are met and that your tour with us exceeds your expectations.

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Client Feedback

"Our tour was wonderful. I cannot say enough about Mary-Anne's professionalism and her willingness to please those on the trip. She was so helpful! Enjoyed our trip very much. Thank you!"
Judy Dunn, USA

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Why Book a Private Tour?

  • Personal attention & meticulous care
  • A conveniently flexible schedule
  • Undiluted, in-depth guided experiences
  • Access to invaluable local insight
  • Unhurried touring at your leisure
  • Comfortable & spacious transport
  • Experienced & knowledgeable guides
  • Warm service & qualified assistance
  • Recommendations ready at hand

Popular Tours

Our popular South African tours are those that have been tried, tested and loved by previous guests of African Sky. These South African tours have been carefully curated to include the ideal combinations of tour activities, attractions, accommodations and destinations. Should you find them lacking, we'd be happy to tailor a tour just for you.


This is the major advantage of opting for a private tour of South Africa over a group tour. Your daily schedule is wonderfully flexible, meaning that you can spend as much or as little time as possible enjoying a particular attraction, or swap out days in case of incremental weather. You are not dependent on the complicated whims of a large group of travelers.

Experiences to Savor

Cultural Immersion South Africa is such a cultural melting pot, you will find numerous opportunities to learn more about and immerse yourself in the traditions of these colorful peoples, from visiting the local sangoma (witch doctor) in a Shangaan village to mesmerizing displays of the traditional dances and music of the proud Zulu nation at Shakaland.

Humbling History With such a turbulent past, the markers of ruthless colonial enterprise and the divisions of apartheid linger across the country in various museums, monuments and the remnants of battlefields. There is much to learn, to explore, to remember and to feel when wandering down the haunted paths of South Africa's history.

Adventure Abounds Adrenalin junkies will delight in the wealth of hair-raising activities available. From plunging into the icy waters of the Atlantic to meet the fearsome great white shark, to meandering into the depths of the earth at the Cango Caves, your South African tour need not be limited to the conditions of mankind. The opportunities for adventure abound.

Personal Attention

The vast majority of our guests who enjoy privately guided South Africa tours depart feeling that they have made a lifelong friend. Your guide - along with their invaluable knowledge and years of experience - is at your personal disposal. You will have their undivided attention for any query, any recommendation or even any emergency, ensuring that you are always taken care of.

What vehicles are used during South Africa tours?
All our vehicles are comfortable and air-conditioned and adhere to all official safety standards. The vehicles used most often are Toyota Avanzas, spacious Hyundai H1's and hardy Toyota Fortuners.
Will our guide be dining with us?
Generally, no - most guests enjoy their private time for meals. However, our guides are of such a caliber that they often become more like extremely knowledgeable friends, and you are naturally welcome to invite your guide to share a meal with you if you so wish.
Will our guide be staying somewhere nearby?
Your guide will never be far from your accommodations, ensuring that they are within easy reach should you require a transfer for dinner or in case of an emergency and you are in need of their assistance.
What is the best tour destination in South Africa?
Cape Town is the cream of the crop when it comes to South Africa's tour destinations. No other city or town in the country offers the same wealth of activities and attractions.
Are any tour activities scheduled?
Most of the activities we include can be enjoyed at any time of the day, but certain tours - like Robben Island, for example - have set times.
Can tour days be switched out?
Yes - particularly when bad weather imposes on your activities. Should that be the case, your day's itinerary may be switched out with one that is less weather-dependent.
What if I have a special interest, like bird watching or rock art?
Should you opt for one of our special interest tours, or simply have special interests like professional photography, birding or even history, we will match you with a guide that will enhance your experience.
Do you have guides that speak foreign languages?
We would never dream of limiting our services to English-speaking visitors only. Depending on the prevalence of the language and availability of guides, additional fees may apply if we have to outsource a translator.
I have already booked my own accommodation. Do you offer guided tours without accommodation included?
This depends largely on availability of guides. Guests booking full private tour packages with African Sky will naturally take preference.
What about tipping?
Tipping is absolutely at your discretion. What may seem a negligible sum for you might be a fortune for another traveler, or vice versa, so tip according to your budget. Additionally, keep in mind that a tip is not a right - if you find the service lacking somehow, be sure to communicate this to us.

Other types of tours

In addition to various levels of comfort and luxury, our types of tours in South Africa extend to several niches for travelers with more particular needs or desires. From family-friendly accommodations to pre-arranged itineraries for self-drive enthusiasts, our comprehensive tour services will ensure that your trip complements your interests.