What Influences Prices

African Sky provides a price range for all our pre-designed itineraries and packages. The official quotation includes the specific cost of your tour, safari, or honeymoon - the factors listed below influence the final price.

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Seasonal Rates have a Substantial Influence.

In Southern Africa - like elsewhere in the world - the time of the year during which you elect to travel dramatically impacts the price of your package. Low season rates can be fantastic to take advantage of if you are willing to compromise on the weather, while peak (or even 'super peak') rates can climb to more than double the low season average

Our 'per person sharing' starting prices indicate low season rates, the lowest possible rate available for the accommodations included. For example, suppose you choose to travel to Cape Town between December and February or the Okavango Delta between July and October. In that case, you can expect a significant discrepancy in the 'per person sharing' starting price and the price on your quotation.

Also, note that if you travel to multiple destinations, the peak and low seasons may not be the same in each area. If you are uncertain about the seasons - the best time to travel for the experience you are looking for at the most competitive rates - do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Size of Traveling Party

Are you traveling alone? With your significant other? Your family? A large group of friends?

The size of your traveling party may significantly affect the price of your safari or tour. On private tours, guide costs, including wages, accommodation, meals, and sundry expenses, are divided by the number of travelers in the party. This cost is higher if there are only two travelers as opposed to, for example, eight.

As with guide costs, the number of people who share vehicles, fuel, and toll costs will affect the final price per person.

Flight Prices

Constantly Fluctuating Flight Prices.

This price factor is the most difficult to control. Flight prices fluctuate frequently. The general rule of thumb is to plan your travels as far as possible in advance. The earlier we can book your flights, the better the price will be.

Specific flight routes are more popular than others or have less frequent flights - for example, Cape Town to the Greater Kruger area or flights between the Greater Kruger and Livingstone in Zambia have a low frequency. Once these flights fill up, the ticket prices become exorbitant.