Mokala National Park

Mokala National Park is a little-known stretch of arid wilderness in the Northern Cape.

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Northern Cape
26,485 hectares
Setswana name for 'camel thorn'
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Mokala National Park is a place of dramatic beauty where visitors can enjoy complete tranquility in nature. It is a wonderful sanctuary for wild animals and you will find this haven about 80km southwest of Kimberley. The landscape of Mokala is made up of small hills and vast open plains. There is a surprise waiting for you when you go over the hills, as you will be met by wide sandy plains towards the northern and western parts of the park. Drainage off these hills forms small rivers that flow into the plains and empty into the Riet River.

Mokala is a Setswana name given to the camel thorn. These trees are found in the dry woodland and sandy areas of the park. They are one of the more important tree species found in the desert regions of the southern parts of Africa. The camel thorn also provides the staple food for most of the large animals in the park. There are parts of the camel thorn that have been used for centuries by the regional tribes for traditional medicines. These medicines have treated coughs and colds as well as nose bleeds. Some people use the roasted seeds as a substitute for coffee.


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