Open 4x4 Game Drive

Guests on a game drive get up close to a herd of elephants.

An open 4x4 game drive provides the quintessential African safari experience.

An open 4x4 game drive serves as one of the highlights of an African safari. These excursions are typically conducted in the early morning hours or late afternoon when the animals are at their most active. Open 4x4 game drives are offered at virtually every private game reserve and national park in African Sky’s itineraries.

Guests are usually accompanied by a knowledgeable guide whose understanding of the African wilderness will enhance the experience. The private game reserves often also provide a tracker, perched on a high seat along the vehicle’s bonnet. The tracker’s skills help to ensure that guests get that rewarding glimpse of a lurking lion or browsing elephant.

Game drives are the bread-and-butter of a safari, and, for an additional fee, some lodges offer private drives for an even more exclusive experience. There is something quite unforgettable about watching a vivid red sun rise over the bush, accompanied by the melodic laugh of an African fish eagle or rousing roar of a lion.

African Safari

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