Bush Picnics

A bush picnic is set up for guests on the bank of the Sabie River.

Savor delectable fare in the heart of the wilderness while enjoying a bush picnic on safari.

Bush picnics are one of the popular activities that can be enjoyed on a safari in Africa. These picnics can take a variety of forms, but one thing is standard across the board – complete immersion in the wilderness. From designated picnic spots in the main arteries of the Kruger National Park to wild clearings carefully selected by your ranger in a private game reserve, you’ll be exposed to the unfenced wildness of the bush while being kept safe by diligent staff.

The most frequently enjoyed bush picnics are those offered in private game reserves by private safari lodges. Typically, brunch or an early dinner will be set up for guests somewhere spectacular – a dry riverbed, an acacia-circled clearing, a rocky outcrop. Mid- or post-game drive, guests will arrive at the chosen spot and be treated to the same delicious fare that they’d enjoy at the lodge. Chefs are often on site for the experience, ensuring the freshest cuisine.

Dinner regularly takes the form of a traditional bush ‘braai’ or barbecue, which is wildly popular in Southern Africa. The crackle of the flames, the mouth-watering smell of game meat grilling away, braaibroodjies (barbecue sandwiches) toasting on the coals and the soundtrack of the bush all around you makes for quite the memorable atmosphere.

Brunch is equally alluring. The bush has a particularly fresh scent in the morning – one that indelibly revitalizes the soul. Listening to the world awaken around you while you snack on local fruit, delectable pastries and a satisfying hot breakfast before or after remarkable wildlife sightings is as good as breakfast will ever get.

The standard picnic spots within the Kruger National Park are more permanent and established. You’ll be sharing the site with multiple other guests and your meal will usually be purchased from the local park shop. However, these spots are often perched in places with striking views and the opportunity to engage in game viewing while you tuck in.

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