Botswana's Ten Finest Luxury Safari Camps

Riaan Viljoen 25-05-2024

The grandest luxury in Africa is not found in eccentric buildings claiming to be the newest marvel of contemporary architecture but in the age-old habitats that have been home to life for millennia. This is true of Botswana's lodges and safari camps more than any other country, where the desert meets oases, and the seasonal herds migrate in the wilderness's cyclical seasons.


Mombo Camp

Mombo Camp, located on a large stretch of land in the heart of the Okavango Delta known as Chief's Island, is a jewel of the swamps. The unimpeded views peering out from the trees that shelter the camp is breathtaking, with wooden decks and a fire-pit for guests to enjoy the evenings with delicious food and great company.


Kings Pool Camp

Kings Pool Camp sits at the edge of the Okavango Delta's water, its triangular thatched roofs and firelight creating a warm and cozy atmosphere under the stars. The camp's nine private units face the water, offering exquisite views of the surrounding natural beauty.


Abu Camp

Like its peers, Abu Camp offers guests all the views and promise of close interactions with nature's most majestic beasts, only at a somewhat more intimate level. Here, guests can look at the Delta from the back of an elephant, with professional rangers guiding them every step in a quintessential experience no one should miss.


Khwai River Lodge

The Khwai River floods the Moremi Game Reserve on the Okavango Delta's southeastern periphery. The beautiful Khwai River Lodge sits on its banks, and from the viewing deck, it almost feels as though you are floating alongside the lily pads of the swamps. 


Eagle Island

This luxury safari lodge, which has existed since the 1980s but was beautifully renovated in 2015 to give it a refreshingly modern look in the same breathtaking landscape, is an old favorite of many. Mokoros, the traditional canoes of the area, is a wonderful experience to try out here and explore the many rivers and streams of this interconnected desert oasis.


Sandibe Safari Lodge

Sandibe Safari Lodge is luxurious and beautiful, with a very accommodating and friendly staff culture. Children are welcome, and additional supervision can be organized for them. The lodge's guided walking safaris await the adventurous and are a great way to experience the wilderness here, in addition to the classic open-vehicle game drives.


Chiefs Camp

Chiefs Camp, as its name alludes to, is a camp fit for a king. The camp offers all the amenities one would expect of a boutique hotel in a big city, including a spa, gym, and, of course, an amazing restaurant. It also offers the many unique experiences of the Okavango, blending luxury and adventure.



The first entry on our list not found in the Okavango Delta has undoubtedly earned its place. This spectacular lodge is located within a private conservancy on the northern edge of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, an area untouched by humankind. The nights are painted by dazzling displays of stars, and the arid landscape stretches for hundreds of kilometers. Dinaka certainly warrants a visit, especially for those looking for something off the beaten track.


Jacks Camp

Jack's Camp is a beautiful tented camp near the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana—one of only two nesting sites of the southern lesser flamingo. The camp has been recently renovated and offers a beautiful and comfortable place to explore the area and its wildlife.


Chobe Chilwero

Choose Chilwero Lodge, which is located in the Chobe National Park and is famous for its huge elephant herds and lush greenery. Here, guests can enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature under the huge trees on the lodge's premises or experience the adventure that is Africa on a safari or walking tour.