10 Best Luxury Safari Camps and Lodges in Namibia

Riaan Viljoen 25-05-2024

Namibia is an arid wonderland of poetry and contrast, where the desert meets the sea and pockets of wilderness remain unencumbered by people's activities. The landscapes and scenery of this country are often so stark that they would leave you in awe, with desolate canyons, desert springs, rocky hills, and savannas brimming with wildlife. Our top picks for camps and lodges from which to enjoy this remarkable country are listed below.


Little Kulala

Little Kulala is a luxurious refuge in the Sesriem region of the Namibia Desert. Nights here are filled with skies filled with a thousand stars, constellations as old as time itself, and soft hues of light forming the Milky Way. The lodge has several private Kulalas, a hut-structured suite with wooden decks, fine linen, and an elegant modern finish. 


Little Ongava

This exclusive camp in the south of the Etosha National Park takes vacationing in this secluded part of the world to an unparalleled level. Thatched roof villas come complete with vintage-styled furniture, modern finishings, wooden viewing decks, and a pool overlooking the landscape. Guests can enjoy game viewing in the national park on game drives with local rangers, enjoy the food and hospitality, and visit the nearby Discovery Centre; a museum meets documentary showcasing the natural world and heritage of the area. 


Shipwreck Lodge

Shipwreck Lodge is as descriptive a phrase for this unique place as any other. Private units resembling shipwrecks have been expertly crafted from a mix of architectural ingenuity and amber wood on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, one of the quietest and most remote outskirts of our planet. Lunches on the beach, quad bike rides through the desert, and sandboarding are some of the highlights of the activities to look forward to, with unrivaled sunsets.


Hoanib Valley Camp

This tented camp and the desolate Hoanib River Valley lie in the country's far northwest. Life here is adapted to the extreme, with desert elephants and giraffes following ancient migratory roads through the sands. The camp resembles a traveling party to a distant, as yet undiscovered corner of the world on the frontier of where life can exist, with views of the surrounding hills that stretch for miles over the horizon. 


Onguma Camp Kala

Onguma Camp Kala is another gem of a safari camp in Etosha. The entire camp is built on stilts on the Etosha flats, with beautiful wooden architecture creating spirals of paths, roofs, and viewing decks. Etosha is a hotbed of life, with black rhino, lion, elephant, giraffe, and a host of antelope species to see. Guests here can expect to be treated to fruitful safari drives through this mega park. 


Kwessi Dunes

Kwessi Dunes is located in NamibRand Nature Reserve, a private reserve on the eastern flank of the Namibia Desert. The reserve is home to gemsbok and, recently, a group of relocated cheetahs, the first pioneers to return to the area thanks to tourism-driven conservation efforts. The reserve is also part of the dark skies initiative, and guests can gaze up at clear skies of pure starlight at night, an awe-inspiring and romantic experience.


Kuala Desert Lodge

Kuala Desert Lodge, not far from Sossusvlei and the famous dunes of the Namib Desert, is another impressive desert sanctuary. Independent thatched-roof units line the camp's reception hall and dining area and overlook the mountainous wasteland on the horizon. Experiences to savor here include hot-air balloon rides, dune surfing, desert hiking, and simply relaxing.


Ongava Lodge

Ongava Tented Camp lies on the edge of the Etosha Pan within the national park, the large flat clay bed that fills with water on a seasonal basis. The camp's image is inextricably linked with the rhino, an animal that has prospered dramatically under the conservation efforts of the region and the park. The camp is on ground level and unfenced, bringing close encounters with peaceful giants and views of the bush from within the comfort of your luxury suite - always, thankfully, under the watchful gaze of expert game rangers.


Etosha Mountain Lodge

Etosha Mountain Lodge is comfortably situated on a gently sloping hill within Etosha Heights Reserve, a private reserve bordering the Etosha National Park. The reserve is a bit quieter than the adjacent national park, and the tranquility of this lodge's unobscured views, private suites and 180 degree viewing decks are the perfect comfortable vantage point from which to explore the wilderness here.


Onguma Tented Camp

Ongava Lodge, like its sister Tented Camp and Little Ongava, is a contemporary, luxury camp intimately connected with the wilderness around it. The lodge overlooks a watering hole where animals come to relax and rehydrate and includes a great hide from which to conduct any photography and game viewing. Safari game drives through the park are standard, as is delicious food and friendly staff. /p>