Tailor-Made African Family Vacations

Every family has its own unique dynamic. Let us tailor your African family vacation for the perfect complement to your family's needs.

Custom Family Vacation Packages to South Africa

The chief reason that we do not provide a wide array of existing family vacation packages is because each family composition, as well as that family's interests, are unique. Our pre-planned itineraries are a great starting point, however, for prospective traveling families to gauge what is on offer when visiting South Africa.

There is such a great variety of family-friendly destinations, attractions and activities to include that we could not possibly cover them all in a single itinerary. Our tailor-made family vacations are therefore ideal. You can clock the optimal duration, match adventures to the appropriate age group and squeeze in as much down time or as much activity time as you wish.

A family observes crocodiles from a walkway.

While there are limitations when traveling with small children - the available accommodation options, sticking to malaria-free wilderness areas - do not consider your adventure limited in any way. The accommodations and reserves that we use are geared at ensuring that your family vacation is in no way compromised. Your experience will still be authentic and unforgettable.



The Ages of children

Your children's ages determine a variety of factors. Are your children old enough to take anti-malarial prophylactics, therefore broadening the range of destination options? Will they require their own rooms, augmenting the price of your vacation package? Be sure to advise the ages of your party upfront to avoid any confusion. There is a great difference between 6 and 12.


Family interests

Are you an active family with a keen sense for adventure? Do you prefer ample leisure time to ensure that everyone gets a break and feels replenished? Do you find cities and resorts preferential, or do you have a taste for the great outdoors? Paint us a picture of your family's ideal vacation, and we'll do our best to ensure each desire is met.


Family-friendly Destinations

Our standard family vacation packages include a malaria-free safari area, the Sun City resort, Cape Town and the Garden Route. However, a wealth of other family-friendly destinations exist, like the Drakensberg, and Natal's sub-tropical North Coast. Reach out to us for a more comprehensive list of family-friendly destinations in Southern Africa.

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