Tugela Falls

The remarkable drop of the Tugela Falls tucked away amidst the Drakensberg Mountains.

The Tugela Falls is the highest waterfall in Africa and the second highest in the world.

When exploring South Africa, visitors may have their breath snatched away by the second highest waterfall in the world: the Tugela Falls. The narrow stream slices down 947m - almost a whole kilometer - through the rock face of the Amphitheater escarpment in the Drakensberg Mountains.

During the summer rainfall season, the waterfall can be seen from the main road of South Africa’s Royal Natal National Park. For a closer view, two spectacular hiking trails lead to Tugela and prove a highlight for nature lovers visiting the KwaZulu-Natal province.

The most challenging trail takes hikers up to Mont-Aux-Sources, the source of the falls. It can be accessed via the Sentinel car park, around 80km from Harrismith. Though the climb to the top of the Amphitheater is relatively easy, a round-trip can take between 4.5 to 8 hours (depending on the hiker’s level of fitness). The summit is accessed by two chain ladders.

The shorter trail starts in the Royal Natal National Park itself. The 7km route winds between lush indigenous falls and culminates with an exciting boulder hop and chain ladder venture to the foot of the Tugela Falls.

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