Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi River

Avid fishermen wait for tiger fish to bite on the Zambezi River.

Experience the fishing adventure of a lifetime on one of Africa's most majestic waterways.

Africa’s fourth longest river cuts through six countries, sustaining both a wealth of people and a wealth of wildlife with its bountiful waters. Beyond the unforgettable safari experiences that may enjoyed along its fertile banks, or the adrenalin rush of navigating its feisty waters, another adventure captures the imagination of avid sportsmen from all across the globe – angling for the mighty tiger fish.

The species of tiger fish most prevalent in these waters is Hydrocynus vittatus, which can grow up to 33 pounds (15kg). Fishing is largely conducted from small vessels that drift down the river, enabling anglers to cover a wider area. The best time to fish – and best methods during that time- varies greatly from area to area, typically divided up into the Lower Zambezi, Middle Zambezi and Upper Zambezi.

The Zambezi River’s length and scope mean that this feat may be enjoyed across a wide variety of locations, from the Barotse Flood plain in Zambia to islands lodges in Namibia’s Caprivi. You can even angle from a houseboat on Zimbabwe’s remarkable Lake Kariba – the world’s largest man-made lake and reservoir.

Ideally, there are lodges dedicated solely to this venture, kitting out fishermen and ensuring the finest equipment to assist you in tackling this freshwater monster. Alternatively, lodges in areas like Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park and Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park offer the perfect opportunity to combine your tiger fishing expedition with an unforgettable African safari experience.

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