The Best Private Tours in South Africa

Riaan Viljoen 28-04-2024

Private Tours in South Africa are an enriching way to explore one of the world's most remarkable countries. Savor the drama and intrigue of a country like a 19th-century explorer, unearthing the secrets and beauties of an unknown land, one stunning region at a time. Our private tours can include various accommodation levels, from personal and comfortable to ultra-luxurious. These trips are designed to explore one highlight at a time, ensuring the region's richness and that all it offers is appropriately enjoyed. Our expert tour guides add valuable insight and ensure the expedition runs smoothly for an unforgettable African Sky Traveler experience.


21 Day In-Depth South Africa

The In-Depth-South Africa tour is a truly grand tour of South Africa, and every visitor to the region should undertake it at least once. The expedition will cross green valleys and harsh arid landscapes and traverse mountain passes and green lowlands across the country in what would undoubtedly be an adventure of the first order. Explore wildlife, cultures, and terrains that are worlds apart and form the intricate tapestry of a country at the tip of the majestic continent of Africa.


16 Day Grand South African Tour

The Grand South African Tour is an exploration of the country for the relaxed traveler looking to sample the many varied experiences found in all corners of the country without taking to the road too often. The tour explores the wildlife, wilderness, and famous conservation areas of the country's far north, the vibrancy of Cape Town and the Winelands, and the beautiful Garden Route of the southern coast. It is a grand tour, but a grand tour of leisure.


15 Day a World in One Country

The World in One Country tour is the little cousin of the in-depth South Africa tour—with most of the variety and experiences but condensed into a little over two weeks. Guests can choose between driving or flying for some parts of the journey, though a drive through the Western Cape is almost mandatory. Beautiful landscapes, mountains, and passes are not to be missed. 


10 Day Wildlife and Culture Tour

South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation because of its people's enduring cultural diversity. This tour aims to marry that cultural diversity with this land's wilderness and natural heritage. The tour starts in the northeast of the country and explores the famous game reserves, cultures, and landscapes of Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Nguni kingdom of eSwatini. 


10 Day Cape Town to Addo

Starting in Cape Town, the mother city, this tour takes tourists all along the scenic south of South Africa. After mingling with the penguins and cultures of Cape Town, guests travel all along the spectacular Garden Route to its many treasures before arriving at the Addo Elephant National Park, a game and marine reserve that houses the Big Five and scores of other wildlife.


10 Day South African Rock Art Tour

The prehistoric Rock Art that dots the whole of Southern Africa is the uniting feature of our neighborhood of countries. Once the home of the San, who lived in peace and alongside nature for thousands of years, this culture is embedded in the culture of our country. Our ten-day cross-country tour exploring this ancient history is an ode to this archaic past and what we might learn from it.


10 Day Our Fairest Cape

This Western Cape-focused tour takes you to the province's ancient stone mountains and cliffs, to the Winelands of the South African Huguenots, and to the scenic flowering hills of the Garden Route. South Africa is home to over 21250 vascular plant species, a large portion of which are found in the Cape Floral Kingdom Ecoregion, and its mountains have rock paintings tens of thousands of years old, dating back to the country's first inhabitants. So much awaits travelers to the Cape, and this ten-day route provides a glimpse into its many secrets.


10 Day South African Birding Tour

South Africa is home to 762 species of birds, with several endemic species and a host of different habitats. The birding tour itinerary we recommend starts on the country's subtropical east coast, with river systems, forests, and savannas teeming with various species. Next is the Ezulwini Valley in eSwatini, home to over 300 bird species and beautifully lush vegetation and greenery. Finally, the tour turns northwards to the Kruger National Park and the Blyde River Canyon - one of the largest green canyons in the world.


7 Day Cape’s Finest Tour

Cape Town and the Western Cape Province have much to offer visitors looking to explore a cultural melting pot and the famous Cape Floral Kingdom. Our 7-day tour takes a journey through this gorgeous region, from mountains to oceans, with local wine, food, and company to enjoy en route. The Garden Route, so named for its diversity of flowering plants, has dramatic landscapes and wonderful experiences for individuals and families alike.


5 Day Battlefields Tour

The Battlefield monuments and stories left behind from the frontier, colonial, and independence wars of South Africa tell stories of the forces that have shaped the country into what it is today. Travelers on tour here can expect spectacular highland landscapes and mountain views, with scores of activities, including hiking, cultural, and culinary experiences, to name but a few.