Zimbabwe Tailor-Made

Besides Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has many attractions and activities, such as walking safaris and extended riverboat cruises. Our made-to-order itineraries can cater to your unique getaway requirements. Hwange and Mana Pools National Parks, the eastern Highlands, Lake Kariba, Great Zimbabwe, and the Motobo Hills are areas that offer amazing adventures. These destinations should be considered when planning a tailor-made tour or safari.

Advantages of Tailor-Made Safaris in Zimbabwe

As elsewhere in Africa, local knowledge is vital to a successful Zimbabwean adventure. African Sky has chosen to restrict its offerings in Zimbabwe to Victoria Falls and the country's safari destinations. The numerous wildlife reserves are not nearly as well-known, famous, or well-marketed as safari areas like Kruger National Park and Serengeti, but that doesn't mean a diminished experience. Because Zimbabwe as a destination is off the beaten track, safari there is properly authentic, what most folks envisage but few experiences: remote, vast, untouched, and teeming with wildlife. Elephants are so common in Hwange National Park that visitors begin to ignore them as they would pigeons in a city park. Mana Pools in the lower Zambezi River valley is quintessential old-world Africa as explorers like David Livingstone and Courteney Selous saw it. Most safari packages should include visiting Victoria Falls, one of the World's Seven Natural Wonders.