Zambia Tailor-Made

Though primarily a safari destination, Zambia also boasts Lake Kariba and Lake Bangweulu attractions. Safari packages can be customized or created from scratch to include your destinations of interest. Infrastructure in Zambia is not of high quality; travel between various areas will mainly consist of light charter flights. Choosing specific safari areas, duration, and travel options between locations can be tricky. The logistical planning of a tailor-made adventure requires the input of an expert.

Advantages of Tailor-Made Zambia Travel Packages

Unfortunately, the central African country of Zambia rarely makes it onto the bucket list of international travelers. Located north of the Zambezi River and in the south-central African wildlife biome, Zambia is multi-ethnic and ecologically diverse. At least thirty-two distinct cultural groups in Zambia collectively speak more than seventy languages or dialects. The impressive Kuomboka ceremony of the Lozi people of Liuwa Plain is an annual event of notable traditional significance that has, in recent years, precipitated favorable international interest. Other than the universally-known Victoria Falls, Zambia's far-flung safari regions are Africa's best-kept secret and are the most authentic, off-the-beaten-track wildlife areas one can visit in modern times. South Luangwa National Park is one of Africa's finest reserves. It is essential to arrange your Zambian visit through an experienced travel agent like African Sky, which has extensive local knowledge. African Sky has for years curated inclusive vacations in this country for the astute traveler.