Botswana Tailor-Made

Our tailor-made safaris to Botswana are aimed at wildlife and safari enthusiasts seeking to plan a unique adventure off the beaten track. Your African Sky consultant will detail available options for safari areas, lodge types, price ranges, and how best to reduce cost or increase game viewing opportunities. Straightforward advice on travel logistics between the various safari areas of Botswana is essential.

Advantages of Custom Safaris to Botswana

With a population density ten times lower than the state of Texas and almost one-third of the country's designated protected area, Botswana's land-locked country is southern Africa's premier safari destination. Conservation areas are unfenced, expansive, and remote. Wildlife endures as it did before modernization and human encroachment. The Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, a large portion of which falls in Botswana, is home to the World's most numerous extant elephant population. Botswana is the only country in Southern Africa where seasonal wildlife migrations continue to play out as they have done for eons. The success of a Botswana safari is very much contingent on a comprehensive understanding of the country's weather patterns and consequent wildlife movements. It is crucial to visit the respective safari regions at opportune times. African Sky has the essential knowledge every visitor should be mindful of before traveling to the country, a depth of wisdom gained from years of first-hand travel experience.