Video clips of the African continent's unique wildlife, from the mighty elephant to the stately giraffe.


Burchell's zebra is the most common zebra, but there is nothing common about the dazzling appearance of this wild equid. In fact, each zebra's stripe pattern is as unique as a fingerprint.


Warthogs have some funny quirks that make them rather entertaining to encounter on safari - like bolting away with their tails rigid as aerials, and grazing or drinking water on their knees.


This dainty dwarf antelope is either spotted alone or with its mate, as steenbok pair up for life. A steenbok sighting is typically a breathless moment, as they are easily spooked.


South Africa's national animal, the springbok is an elegant antelope that prefers semi-arid to arid environments like the Karoo and the Kalahari. Seeing it 'spring' is truly something to behold.


The nyala is one of Africa's most handsome antelope. It straddles the line between medium- and large-sized antelope species, and has a shaggy coat painted in white stripes and spots.


The kudu's dramatic spiral horns are so striking, its silhouette is used for the National Parks Board logo. With their satellite-like ears and white stripes, these large antelope are quite comely.


The impala is one of the most common antelope in Southern Africa, and is thus a dependable staple for predators like lions, cheetahs, leopards and wild dogs.


The giraffe is the world's tallest land mammal and, despite its lanky figure, an exceptionally graceful animal. They are only really awkward and vulnerable when bending down to drink.


A member of the legendary Big Five and the world's largest land mammal, the mighty African elephant is always exhilarating to encounter on an African safari.


Also a member of the Big Five, do not be fooled by the bovine appearance of the 'Cape' or 'African' buffalo. They are unpredictable and make a formidable quarry.


The unique-looking blesbok is endemic to South Africa. It is striking for the series of white blazes that occurs across its body, from its stomach to its face.

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