African Sky: South Africa’s Best Private Tour Operator

By Ruan Viljoen 18-02-2020

Southern Africa has some of the most beautiful landscapes and pristine pockets of untouched nature on Earth, something any eager traveller should experience at a price they feel comfortable with.


Independent and personal

We are a small, independent tour operator, which means that you are assured an honest helping-hand when planning your trip to Southern Africa that will only recommend the options best suited to your budget, preferences and expectations.


Local and Knowledgeable

Our staff and Management are all locals, with vast amounts of knowledge on which destinations fit what you are looking for, which times of the year it is best to go to these places and which lesser-known activities you may enjoy in the area. Simply put, we know our neck of the woods, which by extension means that we can point you to the best that Southern Africa has to offer.


Experience and Track Record

In addition to being local, we have also been in the business of operating tours in Southern Africa since 1998, with a track record that guarantees a holiday to remember and a hassle-free process of organising your trip. We know the ins and outs of the industry, and operate with efficiency and hospitality.



A key part of our operations revolves around your personal preferences and expectations, and, as a result, we try to be as flexible and creative as possible when you decide to opt for a tailor-made tour. Our end goal is to make your trip to whichever part of Southern Africa as memorable, comfortable and exciting as possible, and allow you to experience the natural beauty on offer here on your own terms.


A Variety of Pricing options

Finally, we take great pride in offering a number of pricing options for our clients to choose from, enabling you to take that dream holiday to wherever you have always wanted to without breaking the bank, or compromising on luxury. One of the filter options when searching through the tours we offer is the price range for just that reason, allowing you to dictate what you spend.