Advantages of booking a private tour with African Sky

By Andrew Harvey 25-04-2018

Impeccable service, flexibility and attention to detail are among the hallmarks of our privately guided tours.

The benefits of booking your private tour in South Africa with African Sky aren’t immediately apparent. Importantly, if we’re your hosts you’ll have complete peace of mind, safe with the knowledge that our experienced team is on call if even a minor problem arises. Second, you’ll have the assurance that you’ve made the best possible arrangements with an experienced tour operator. Third, it’s reassuring to know that you’ve booked with a knowledgeable operator based in the country you’re visiting, with extensive regional experience. Fourth, the convenience of having us take care of every aspect on your behalf, even the insignificant details you’re not aware of. And finally, the convenience of just two transactions when paying for your holiday.

Taking a break to take in the coastal scenery of Cape Town.

We’re your Backup & Support

For almost every traveler, knowing they’re in good hands while on holiday is an essential element of travel. It’s obviously important to have a backup in place as even the best-made plans go awry. Extraordinary weather conditions might necessitate an immediate change of arrangements, as it did in 2016 when several safari lodges in South Africa were forced to close because of flooding. You might fall ill or have a medical emergency. There might be a crisis in your family. The eventualities are numerous. In all instances we’re your support. We’ll do our very best to help and have a stellar track record doing do. Your peace of mind is assured and you’ll enjoy your holiday without those niggling little worries that something might go wrong.

We have the knowledge. Why not take advantage of it?

It’s well-advised to book through a tour operator in the country you’re visiting. African Sky has been in business since 1998. We’re based in South Africa and possess comprehensive, thorough first-hand regional knowledge. It isn’t wise to book through an agent based in another country with a perfunctory knowledge of the continent, who outsources their business to a ground handler with little carte blanche over the tour and arrangements.

Water-based game viwing in the Chobe National Park.

Making your own arrangements isn’t as easy as you think

There’s a minefield of misinformation out there. How to find a reliable, knowledgeable guide? Which lodge is well-located? Is their website intentionally misleading? How to get from the airport to the lodge? The folks at African Sky have an immense amount of collective experience. Many folks presume it’s easy to make independent travel arrangements in Africa. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The task is nothing less than complicated, and inherently comes with a minefield of potential problems. Horror stories of guides placing their guests in dangerous situations are common place. There are hundreds of one-man-show businesses, most of which ostensibly appear reputable. But when one digs a little deeper you’ll find they don’t have an acceptable back-up plan or even suitable insurance. Even more common is stories of folks left stranded in remote locations, out of cell network range. Most small remote airports close for business after the last departure. In a few instances folks have found themselves stranded on the side of the road, luggage in tow, with elephants watching from the bush! If you hope to avoid some or indeed all of those pitfalls, simply book with us.

We’ve been making these arrangements for almost 20 years and have every detail fine-tuned to an art. We’re absolutely meticulous when it comes to finalizing the details, and every schedule is triple-checked for accuracy.

We’ve already made every possible mistake, now nothing but distant memories. We work with the best service providers in every region. In the unlikely event you manage to find the right provider, you should know that we benefit from negotiated rates far lower than they’ll offer to folks making once-off bookings.

Chinzombo, a premier safari camp in South Luangwa, Zambia

Safe, easy payments, no hassles

You’re about to spend hard-earned money on a holiday in a country quite different from yours. An element of risk is involved when paying money into a foreign bank account with no possibility of recall. Arranging your holiday independently means entering into correspondence with multiple agents, hopefully covering every detail, and then paying each agent individually. Doing so is obviously inconvenient, and making multiple payments attracts recurring bank charges. When you book with us those inconveniences and unnecessary charges are avoided. You’ll make just one deposit and one final payment, and we’ll coordinate every arrangement into a seamless, perfectly harmonized holiday.