8 Immersive Experiences to consider on your next trip to Southern Africa

Riaan Viljoen 12-11-2023

These immersive experiences will surely add excitement to your safari tour in the southern Park of Africa. Some require a degree of activity, and others are more leisurely.


Elephant Back Safaris

Sitting on the back of an African giant, over 3 meters above the ground, is as memorable as it is thrilling. Elephants are very gracious animals with enormous sheer strength. So expert elephant trainers and handlers guide the elephant-back safari process to ensure everyone enjoys exploring the wilderness on the back of nature's largest terrestrial animal.


Wilderness Walking Tours

A walking safari through one of our continent's beautiful national parks or game reserves is a surreal experience that takes you back to the lives of the first humans, who lived in harmony with nature and the natural world for millennia on the African continent. Whether in the Kruger National Park, South Luangwa - which has differentiated itself from its peers in the scope of the walking tours it offers - or the Okavango, try this trek through the savanna at least once in your life.


Shark Cage Diving

Shark Cage Diving needs no introduction - it is a well-known favorite of thrill seekers and daredevils worldwide. The fishing town of Gansbaai has become famous for its shark cage diving, taking you up close to the Great White Shark from within the safety of a metal cage in the cold Atlantic waters.


Game Drive at a Safari Lodge

A game drive at a Safari Lodge is a customary delight offered twice a day to guests. Expert guides and trackers take you on an open-air safari vehicle through the wilderness to show you the Big 5 and other spectacular animal and bird species, telling stories of the region, the history, and the symbiotic relationships between nature's many creatures.


Mokoro Tour

A Mokoro is a handcrafted traditional canoe in the Okavango Delta that takes you through the inland delta's meandering streams and marshes to explore the islands unreachable by road. It is a great vantage point from which to experience the natural wilderness of the area up close, with the comfort of a guide and armed tracker alongside you to ensure everything goes smoothly. Some animals, such as the water-obsessed Sitatunga and Kingfisher, among many others, are much easier to spot from a mokoro than from a game-viewing vehicle, and the entire experience is exhilarating and unique to a safari in Botswana.


Quad-biking through the Desert

Quad biking in the Namib Desert is an enjoyable way for the whole family to explore the desert's vast sandy hinterland. Whether in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Sossusvlei, or elsewhere, on your safari in Namibia, take to the sands one afternoon as the sun sets over the golden landscape.


Whale-watching Boat Rides

Southern Africa has many scenic seaside sites where our ocean's majestic giants come to visit. Hermanus is the most famous of these, and hundreds of whales move through the area from June to November, but there are many more. Whale watching can be done from various sites closer to False Bay, near Cape Town, and sites on the eastern and southern coasts of South Africa.


Franschhoek Uncorked

As the name suggests, this festival is made for wine lovers. It takes place over a weekend in mid-September in the beautiful town of Franschhoek, in the middle of the Cape Winelands. Wine tastings, wine pairings, vineyard and cellar tours, and barrel tastings are all worthwhile experiences. Few places in Africa have such a wide variety of wines to enjoy in such a beautifully scenic and tranquil town.