For your convenience, we have listed some useful links comprising everything from weather forecasts and visa regulations to where to eat.

South African Weather Service

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The weather you may experience whilst enjoying your holiday can affect everything from what you pack to the type of activities you will be able to enjoy. Though the African Sky team is able to provide prospective visitors with general guidelines on how to prepare for each season, we simply cannot predict the weather. Cape Town, for example, is notorious for occasionally running through ‘four seasons in a day’. In particularly wet years, certain camps and lodges in the Greater Kruger National Park become physically impossible to access. When it comes to the weather, nothing is set in stone. It is therefore recommended that you have a look at specific weather conditions a week or two prior to your arrival. If you’re looking for a reliable source, the South African Weather Service is the country’s official and most comprehensive weather service website.

Visa Information

Researching the immigration and visa rules and regulations of the country you are traveling to certainly isn’t the most exciting part of planning your trip. It is, however, the most important. This could make or break your holiday. Imagine, for example, having already booked and paid for all your travel arrangements, and then being denied entry upon arrival. African Sky receives visitors from all over the world, and it is therefore difficult for us to provide comprehensive visa regulations for each country. Though we are able to offer advice, this aspect of preparation is entirely your responsibility. We therefore recommend that you visit the relevant country’s official home affairs or immigration website prior to finalizing your trip.

NOTE: Always work through the official government channels when applying for or purchasing a visa.

South African Tourism

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Our team is exceptionally well traveled and knowledgeable about the destinations that we offer safari and tour packages to. We thus pride ourselves in the wealth of firsthand information we are able to provide, which is reflected in the numerous comprehensive travel articles and essays that appear throughout our website. However, on the off occasion that we are unable to deliver the information you require or if you are after more niche intel, the official South Africa Tourism website is your ‘go-to guy’. The user-friendly site covers everything from the finest destinations and accommodations to exciting activities and attractions. Detailed articles on the country’s wildlife, history and various cultures are also available.

South African National Parks

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Of South Africa’s nineteen official national parks, African Sky includes six of them (Addo, Agulhas, Garden Route, Kruger, Table Mountain and West Coast) in existing itineraries. These are the most popular and established of the collection. However, our long-standing relationship with SANParks and our characteristic flexibility also means that, if you are so inclined, we are able to organize travel to any and all of the other national parks. As previously mentioned, our team is well-traveled and able to provide firsthand information as well as the pros and cons of each destination. If you would like to do further research, the South Africa National Parks website provides substantial information on each park, the accommodations and activities available and the wildlife and vegetation typical of each area.

Eating Out

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South Africa is one of the world’s ultimate foodie destinations. Our world-class meats, award-winning chefs, fresh produce, superb wines and inimitable restaurant locations draw gastronomes and connoisseurs from every corner of the globe. Even if you are not equipped with the most discerning palate or interested in fine dining, our casual dining options are famously hearty, wholesome and exceptionally well-priced. In all cases, our guides either live in or have visited the location you are traveling to on numerous occasions and are deeply familiar with the best spots to enjoy a good meal. They will certainly be able to point you in the right direction. We are, however, aware that many folks with particular tastes like to do their own research beforehand. EatOut is South Africa’s most comprehensive restaurant, food market/store and recipe website. Along with ample listings of eateries in each area of the country, it offers a wealth of interesting articles and noteworthy reviews to whet your appetite.


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Even the greenest travelers are familiar with the user-generated travel website TripAdvisor. This popular website has become an essential tool for travelers who are in the process of planning their adventures, as who is better suited to recommend a hotel, lodge, destination or tour company than someone who has already experienced it? Use this link to read through testimonials and reviews of African Sky Safaris & Tours. Alternatively, use TripAdvisor to browse through the accommodations we list in our itineraries to evaluate if they are what you are looking for. Our characteristic flexibility means that we are happy to replace accommodations or adjust itineraries to cater to your specific expectations.

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