Shangana Cultural Village

A traditional performance at Shangana Cultural Village.

Shangana provides insight into the culture and traditions of South Africa's Shangaan people.

Shangana Cultural Village is located between Mpumalanga’s picturesque Blyde River Canyon and the world-renowned Kruger National Park, making it an ideal pit-stop on a South Africa safari. Shangana consists of a cluster of Shangaan villages centered around a main market village.

The idea of the village is to immerse oneself in the Shangaan culture, observing artisans practicing their everyday crafts with the informative assistance of a guide. Participants will meet with families in the villages and learn about their customs and traditions. The most intriguing encounters are with the village chief and sangoma (traditional healer) with his mystical medicines.

In addition to a village tour, guests to Shangana may opt to include a performance in the chief’s kraal to their visit. Performances range from dancing and singing to interactive drumming or the musical stylings of the Marimba band. Opting for a performance is recommended, as it is these vibrant routines that may prove the most memorable part of your South African tour.

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