Lisbon Falls

A captivating alternative view of Lisbon Falls.

Lisbon Falls is the highest waterfall in South Africa's Mpumalanga province.

Lisbon Falls are the highest of waterfalls to enjoy during a tour of the Mpumalanga province. Much like the Berlin and Mac Mac Falls, the Lisbon Falls are named for the foreign miners that settled in the region during the gold rush - in this particular case, a handful of Portuguese pioneers.

At 90m high, Lisbon Falls offer a remarkable natural sight for visitors. The river splits into three streams before crashing down the rock face in thick forces of water. Curtains of mist assail the observers on the viewing deck, showering visitors with sheer wet magic.

For the more adventurous, a climb down to the base of the gorge may prove a rewarding experience. There is no demarcated trail or route to follow, so it may be an arduous feat for the inexperienced or unfit and can take up to an hour. If relaxation and absorbing the natural beauty of this destination is more appealing, pack a picnic basket and kick back under the shade of a tree.

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