Cango Wildlife Ranch

Cage diving with crocodiles at the Cango Wildlife Ranch.

Enjoy close encounters with various animals at the Cango Wildlife Ranch near Oudtshoorn.

When enjoying a tour of South Africa's Garden Route, visitors will delight in the wild encounters of the Cango Wildlife Ranch. From cheetahs, tigers, caracals and servals to lemurs and cubs, guests are invited to get up close and personal with the resident animals.

One of the most exciting wildlife encounters on offer is a crocodile cage dive. A world-first, thrill-seekers will be submerged underwater with a few giant Nile crocodiles and be able to observe them from one of the most unique vantage points possible. Before setting your heart on a croc encounter, make sure you are visiting the ranch at the right time of year as these prehistoric lizards are inactive during some of the winter months.

For those more comfortable with observing from afar, in Cheetahland guests can watch big cats such as leopards, white lions, cheetahs, Bengal tigers, servals and the rare snow white tiger from a raised catwalk. Other attractions include the lush Kuranda Forest with its colorful aviary and curious little marmosets. For some surplus magic, purchase nectar and enjoy the bewitching company of the rainbow lorikeets. The Wallaby Walkabout offers guests another feeding opportunity, this time with the exotic little marsupials.

Lemur Falls is a R2 million interactive exhibit that mimics a Madagascan forest to make these fluffy critters feel at home. Spoonbills and whistling ducks inhabit the moat-like river at the entrance to the exhibit, a small paradise of volcanic rock waterfalls and subtropical vegetation. Guests are invited to interact with the medley of black-and-white ruffed, ring-tailed and brown lemurs.

The Cango Wildlife Ranch also hosts a snake park that includes the albino Burmese python, boomslang, monocled Thai cobra, black and green mamba, forest cobra, Cape cobra, puff adder and many more slithery reptiles. In the Valley of Ancients, visitors may enjoy a tour of the Zimbakwe Temple Ruins with its curious population of flying foxes and blue duiker. A large tank offers guests underwater views of Malawian cichlids and young crocs.

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