Berlin Falls

Travelers enjoying a stunning view of the Berlin Falls.

The Berlin Falls are located along the Mpumalanga province's famous Panorama Route.

Mpumalanga’s drenching concentration of waterfalls makes it a must-visit on a South Africa safari or tour. The Berlin Falls are the second highest falls in the province. At a height of 80m, the falls resemble a spent candle. Starting at the top with a crooked wick, the water spills over the sides like steamy rivulets of white wax.

The Berlin Falls were so named by German miners that arrived in South Africa during the Barberton Gold Rush of 1883. Many locations and towns in the area were christened after the hometowns of translocated foreigners. Today, the falls attract many local and international visitors on South African tours.

Located near the remarkable window on the world, God’s Window, the Berlin Falls offer a breathtaking visual for travelers, with its sheer ruddy cliff sides and deep green basin. The falls are but one of the spectacular staples on the Panorama Route and an easy distance from the natural marvel of the Blyde River Canyon.

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