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Why book with African Sky Safaris & Tours?

Below are some reasons why we think you should consider African Sky Safaris & Tours as your tour operator of choice.


Independent Tour Operator

When booking a safari or tour with African Sky, you are securing the services of the operator that will be handling all your on-the-ground operations - not a third party operator. In addition, we are based in South Africa itself, and share the inherent knowledge and years of experience that only locals can offer.


Knowledge and Experience

As a company, we have more than eighteen years of experience. As individuals, however, we have spent many more years exploring the length and breadth of Southern Africa in order to provide only the best advice in terms of a Southern African travel experience.


Commitment to Clients

At African Sky, you are more than just a client. We are very passionate about our slice of paradise, and about sharing it with all those who make the effort to travel all the way here. We will go out of our way to ensure that the experience not only exceeds your expectations, but that it will make you want to return for more adventures with us.



Our flexibility is one of the characteristics that we are proudest of. This trademark extends from our tailor-made itineraries to our on-the-ground operations. When traveling with African Sky, you will not be limited to a strict schedule, or a narrow window of time at any particular attraction. Sit back, take your time and enjoy the scenery.



We can provide you with numerous references of clients who have traveled with us. Over the years, African Sky Safaris & Tours has hosted clients as diverse as sitting cabinet ministers, the very wealthy, and a great number of regular safari and tour enthusiasts like ourselves.

About Us

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What We Are

African Sky is a small, independent tour operator.

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What We Are Not

We are not a travel agent for another party's services.

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Our Office

Our office is located in South Africa's capital city.

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Riaan's Reviews

Reviews written by company owner Riaan Viljoen.

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