About Us

What we are, and what we are not

Our small company of fifteen full-time employees and roughly ten contract employees are all highly skilled in what they do. We offer real expertise, exceptional personal service and value for money.

What We Are

  • A tour operator

    We do not sell third party services, and will be the company conducting your tour experiences on the ground in Southern Africa. Our tours are all completely private and conducted solely for the party reserving the tour.

  • Small and Knowledgeable

    The modest size of our company and the experience of the individuals employed means attention-to-detail and very personal service. You are not just another 'number' to African Sky.

  • Provider of quality services

    Whether personal four star or exclusive top-end, the services we offer are of an exceptional standard. Simply have a glance through our client testimonials for affirmation of our quality safaris, tours and honeymoons.

  • Committed to our clients

    The entire African Sky team is committed to ensuring that your travels to our part of the world are absolutely unforgettable. You're in our attentive care from the moment you step off the plane.

What We Are Not

  • A Travel Agent

    We are not an agent for other travel companies - the services we sell are for and conducted by African Sky itself. You'll be dealing directly with the operators of you safari, tour or honeymoon.

  • Large and impersonal

    We love getting to know our clients and ensuring that their travels complement their particular needs. Our service is very personal. You will be dealing with individuals, not a faceless corporation.

  • Reseller of others' tours

    We do not sell tours for other companies - we only sell our own services. If you are an agent, however, you are welcome to reach out to us to assist you in creating an itinerary for your prospective clients.

  • A travel directory

    While we list various accommodations and offer useful information on travel in Southern Africa, this is all in lieu of our primary function - offering the best safaris, honeymoons and tours to discerning travelers.