Namibia Tailor-Made

Design a holiday made-to-measure for your vacation needs. Namibia's diverse geography and unique landscape offer travelers a plethora of safari and private tour choices. Your tailor-made tour to Namibia will be the ideal duration, contain the sites and activities of interest to you, and overnight at lodgings that meet your requirements in terms of location, standard and price.

Advantages of Tailor-Made Namibian Travel

It is certainly possible to spend just a handful of nights in Namibia. And if your program only allows for that, African Sky will adeptly comply. But to comprehensively experience this vast, sparsely-populated desert country, we recommend arranging a customized, guided overland tour lasting at least two weeks. The true beauty of this surreal landscape is experienced not from the air but on the ground, surrounded by arid countryside, unusual plants and animals, and the ancient red sands of the Namib Desert. The unlikely cultural combination of displaced early twentieth-century German architecture with old-world tribes like the OvaHimba makes Namibia a fascinating, extraordinary travel destination where Photographic opportunities abound. African Sky is a registered tour operator in the country and employs experienced guides. The required skills surpass the norm of that profession. Individuals must be qualified and experienced and be skilled offroad and four-by-four drivers capable of carrying out minor repairs if the vehicle requires maintenance at a remote location.