African Tailor-Made Travel

A starlit evening settles over the Epupa Falls in the Caprivi.

African Sky has been tailoring safaris, tours, honeymoons & family vacations to Southern Africa since 1998

For a captivating customized adventure crafted for your particular needs, book tailor-made African travel with African Sky.


While our existing itineraries have been tried, tested and loved, we cannot possibly cover every combination of destinations, accommodations, budget and duration that would suit every traveler, and we wouldn't dream of limiting our guests to what has been 'tried and tested'. We want you to experience the African adventure that has captured your imagination and dominated your fantasies, and we're here to make it happen for you.

We'll adjust any tour, safari or honeymoon to meet your requirements, or start from scratch and work together until we've conceived an experience that harmonizes as closely as possible with your desires. The more detail you can provide us with - your interests, your travel style, your budget, your ideal duration, the destinations that you wish to include - the better we will be able to provide you with a trip that not only meets, but exceeds, your expectations.


The duration of your trip is an essential factor. Should you only have a limited amount of time, do not attempt to see too much - it will take away from your experience, leaving you feeling rushed and your experiences somewhat incomplete or lacking. That being said, a trip to Southern Africa may be a once in a lifetime adventure - the more flexible you can be in terms of your time spent on the continent, the better.
Your budget does not only determine the level of accommodations that you wish to enjoy. It may have a major effect on the duration of your trip, i.e. should you perhaps opt for more affordable accommodation and stay longer? Additionally, your budget could also have an impact on the destinations you are able to visit. Many travelers are not always aware of the costs involved in reaching remote areas like the Okavango Delta, or the islands of Mozambique. South Africa and Namibia offer the best value for money, and should your budget not allow for such far-flung adventures, you are sure to find captivating alternatives in these countries.
Areas Visited
If your time and budget are limited, try to focus on the areas that are on the top of your list. The most popular destinations for first-time travelers to Southern Africa are the Kruger National Park (largely due to the prolific game viewing and general affordability), Cape Town and the Victoria Falls. Should you have already visited these bewitching destinations, but have a hunger to return to Southern Africa and are uncertain about where to next, reach out to us and outline your travel style and interests. We would be happy to recommend another magical corner of the continent that complements your desires.
Special Interests
We love accommodating travelers with special interests, because it adds a whole new dimension to the services that we offer. We will go out of our way to pair you with a guide with the appropriate knowledge to enhance your experience, whether your interests involve South Africa's military history, advanced birding or ancient San rock art sites.
Special Needs
At African Sky, we believe that no traveler should be limited as a result of unique dietary requirements, religious or cultural customs, or disabilities of any nature. Reach out to us, provide us with as much detail as possible, and we will ensure that your experience of Southern Africa is everything you wish it to be and more.

Let Us Know What you would like to do

Tailor-Made Travel Types

God's Window offers striking views across the pine plantations of Mpumalanga.

Tailor-Made Tours

A tailor-made tour of South Africa's highlights may comprise any destination or attraction that tickles your fancy. Your tour will include the services of a personal African Sky guide and private air-conditioned vehicle, ensuring your comfort, safety and utmost enjoyment throughout your exploration of 'the world in one country'.

The Sabi Sand boasts an incredibly high frequency of leopard sightings.

Tailor - Made Safaris

The options for a tailor-made safari are seemingly endless. From the far-flung wilds of the Okavango Delta to the plethora of fine private game reserves in South Africa, we'll jet you wherever you wish to go. Overland tailor-made safaris are also popular and, as with our tours, include the services of a guide and vehicle.

Enjoy a bath with a view of the Sabie River at Lion Sands Narina Lodge.

Tailor- Made Honeymoons

Your honeymoon should reflect the adventure that you've been dreaming about since you first met as a couple. Let us custom create an experience that complements both your romantic vision while still considering the more worldly limitations imposed by budgets and duration. You'll treasure these memories for the rest of your lives together.

Advantages of a tailor-made Vacation


A Unique Experience

No two human beings are exactly the same, so why should their travel experiences be? We'll provide you with an adventure that is as unique as you are, that creates memories as personal, precious and exclusive as they ought to be. Travel means something different to everyone - escape, pleasure, discovery, adventure - and we'll ensure that your tailor-made vacation reflects your point of view.



The flexibility advantage is as much a result of our private services as our tailor-made services. We do not believe in strict schedules or restricting our guests to a set list of experiences, activities, destinations or accommodations. This is your vacation, and it should be as removed from the stifling nature of daily routine as possible. It should welcome spontaneity and indulgence.


The Perfect Fit

Finding an existing tour that includes precisely everything you wish to experience, suits your particular budget and fits into your specific time constraints is no easy feat. Should you choose a tailor-made vacation, we will strive to offer you precisely this and more. Why scour the internet for the perfect safari or tour when you can create it yourself?



A tailor-made vacation will provide you with the ability to focus on exactly the activities and destinations that you wish to enjoy, eliminating any background noise or sideshows that may detract from your vision. Even if you are not yet sure what these activities and destinations may be, we will help you realize an adventure that speaks to your soul.


Wherever, Whenever

Travel where you wish, when you wish. There are no set departure dates or seasonal limitations when it comes to tailor-made travel. Decide when within your personal schedule you are able to travel and we will plan your trip around this framework. Naturally, the longer in advance you book, the better the chances of availability at desired properties.

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